Our Jerky

At No Man’s Land we slow dry our jerky in the Old Style. We start with high quality cuts of beef and hand trim them to ensure a lean product. We then marinate and dehydrate each strip in a process that takes about 24 hours.

It’s definitely not the fastest or cheapest way to make jerky, but we believe it’s the best way. Why? Because we are able to retain a high level of nutrition without adding water or fillers that are not natural to the beef.

Our Jerky has 16G-17G of Protein/Serving. It's Low Carb, and Low Sugar.

No Fillers. No Artificial Colors. No Added MSG. No Transfat.


"I’ve been a jerky fan my whole life and I’ve tried about every type from every convenience store around …I was in Quik Trip here in Olathe Kansas and grabbed a bag of your hot jerky! Wow!! This is old school real deal jerky. I absolutely love it!"

- Justin, KS

"Got some of your jerky today, and I have to say, best stuff around! Great taste and quality of beef is excellent. Great job guys!"

- Jarrod, CO

"I grew up in Texline Texas, and I used to get this beef jerky at Brad and Kathy's grocery. When I joined the military and went to Iraq, my mom would send care packs with this in it, and I always found it comforting, a little taste of home. Fast forward to 2019 and I saw this jerky at a truck stop in Dallas and had to grab some, and it brought tears to my eyes as it tastes EXACTLY the same! Not only is this my favorite beef jerky, but it means more to me than you would think beef jerky could."

- Paul, TX

"…I have never in my life emailed a company about their product. However, beef jerky is one of my favorite foods and should be a food group by itself. I, like you, have tried numerous brands of jerky and disliked them all. I saw your brand in a local Allsups convenience store and decided to try it. I have to say, you had me at the first bite. I will no longer buy any other brand. We even have a jerky factory here in our town and yours is by far the best. I tend to think of it as “old fashioned.” Thank you for finally making a beef jerky I can now live on. Who needs the other food groups anyway when you have No Man”s Land Beef Jerky!"

- Tricia, NM